Hold On To Your Love

“So Tash how’s things with you, how’s your new man?” My friend and namesake asks.

We’re sitting in McDonald’s with our offspring.
I was hoping to avoid the topic even though I already knew that the odds were stack against me, due to the fact that she has a new man herself and we women,  en general, love nothing more than to flaunt our new loves.
I respond to her that it’s going well but we barely see eachother because he’s workacholic, a very focused individual and a very dedicated father. All very positive qualities which I love him for but it does mean that time spend together is very limited.

She exclaimed that it’s the same with her and her partner; he’s hardworking and his “baby” is hockey!
We shared how that we’re both very aware that our Kings are not out drinking, partying with their mates.
They’re out there building their futures.
Yes we’re proud of that but our emotions tell a different story.
Our emotions are saying that we’re feeling neglected and then subsequently we feel guilty for having those thoughts.

The conversation took me back to a conversation I had couple of months back with one of my exes from wayyyy back then. I was talking about the progress of my business and the challenges etc. He turned and said that he knows my business will be successful. When I asked him based on what he’s making that statement, he told me because I am a smart and determined person. He proceeded to sum up a whole heap of other positive qualities I posses, according to him, as a buffer for the one major negative trait, he would hit me with: “Nat, you are too damn impatient! ”

He’s not the first to tell me that and I’m sure he’s not going to be the last. Not proud of it and working hard to modify this. Please be patient 😆

Anyway back to the conversation with my name sake.
I advised her that we should look at the bigger picture, to the future.
That in time, we will be sharing the same roof with our lovers and we will be grateful and happy that they’re very focused and determined men.
Let’s set aside our selfishness, our neediness, our impatient and allow the relationship to flourish.
As EnVogue says: ” Hold On To Your Love! Don’t waste your time complaining about minor things. Be patient and he will give his heart to you.”


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