This Too Shall Pass

Today is Princess Abigail’s Earth day. Her birthday always makes me feel emotional as it brings back the memory of how I stood and cried my eyes out when I received the news that I was yet again expecting.

It brought great inner conflict, having 2 babies already and even though I was still married,  my life was already as if I was a single parent. (my kids are all 10 months apart) I never wanted children to begin with and now I was expecting the third one! I was so angry ane frustrated as after the birth of my second child,  I requested to receive the contraceptive injection and my GP recommend against that, advising me to just go back on the Pill. Much good that did me! For a brief moment I considered having an abortion.

What a horrible mistake that would have been!(not a judgement to those of who do choose to have the baby terminated)  She’s the comedian in the family and out of the 3 the most affectionate one, always cuddling and kissing me. Telling me she’s never going to move out and leave me (she clearly doesn’t know her mum very well, hahahaha). She is smart and kind. Don’t get me wrong, she has a negative parts with her tendency to laziness. An example: she was late walking and I started to worry about this.
Whilst discussing this with one of my “grandma” from church, she just smile and told me that the reason Abigail is not walking is because there are to many hands at her disposal. That I should tell her siblings not to get anything for her and I should stop carrying her. Lo and behold: after a week or so, madam decided to get up and walk!  This experience emphasis how important it is to have those of the older generation involved in family life.
Anyway , I am digressing.

Yes, it was hard, having 3 babies, a marital breakdown because of domestic violence, new country, no family around, no friends, apart from the people I knew from church but the only time I saw them, was church!

But you know,  she’s a living reminder to me, that whatever trials I might be going through: This too shall pass!

I can do this, my crew and I will stand strong!

Grateful for such a beautiful blessing and so priveleged to have been chosen as the vessel for her coming to this earth.


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