Simba Desperately Seeking Mustafa

Today I want to highlight 1 thing as I can identify. Raising children on my own, the eldest being a boy, I sometimes get tired of having to be the Alpha Lionesses to keep my warrior Cubb in check subsequently I sometimes make unhealthy choices when it comes to disciplining my crew.  I love and appreciate that I have at least one male friend who I can call to step in!

I would like to appeal to my brothers: HELP US!! We WANT  to be nurturing, compassionate, loving, gentle, feminine but the situation, our circumstances of life forces us to be opposite our nature because we want to keep our children (read boys) on the straight and narrow.
Then, what happens is that we are in this role 24/7 of having to be mother and father, when our loving brothers come along, it takes some time for us to adjust, to find our soft, feminine side,some of you don’t have the patience and understanding to wait for that to manifest and you leave us, labelling us as: loud, argumentative, hard, and everything else negative under the sun, telling us that’s why you prefer the white women over us.(please note, I do not oppose inter-racial relationships)That in turn perpetrates the erroneous thought to us that our brothers can’t be dependent on, hardening us even more, completing the vicious circle.
Come on brothers and sisters, let’s support eachother, I don’t have to be sharing the bed with you for you to be part of raising my children.
Most of the times all we want for the brother to step in and say: “Don’t worry sister, I got this one! ”  On that note, today I want to say a very special thank you to Angel Francis for being one of those type of brothers in my life.  It may seem to go unnoticed at times, I can assure, it hasn’t.  My Simba knows when he pushes this Lioness to far, Mustafa will be called to the scene!
#ittakesavillagetoraiseachild #blackunity #GBE


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