Fulfill Your Destiny

For a very long time (years)I have been thinking and wonderingen about what exactly are my talents and my gifts. I have many skills but I don’t consider them to be my gifts or talents.
Speaking with friends about this, there always been a common response :”Your languages are your gifts! ”  Each time I would go away and reflect on that response as the obvious route  then would be, to become a Tutor. To be very honest, I wasn’t feeling that one. 🙂 

Then, couple of weeks ago I went to a seminar,  :Wisdom Brings Success by Allan Sealy and guest speaker Camilita Nuttall.
Which made me , once again, ponder on what I really have to offer to the world, my gifts and my talents.
I was buzzing, motivated and inspired but to do what?! Speaking with Lea Macinc, she responded the same thing : “Tash, your languages are your gift,”
So I decided to have a conversation with my divine Father.
The outcome of that conversation is, that I now have my first assignment translating the book: Wisdom Brings Success by Allan Sealy into Dutch.😆
There is more but all will be revealed in due time.
From moment I took on this assignment,  I can see how things are just being brought together. An example, my lovely couMimi Berensteintein is here on holiday, which means,  I have an indoors Chef, Hair & Beauty Consultant, Proofreader, Nanny (pfffff speaking about talents!) and a confident.
For a very long time, she’s been saying, she’s coming but every time a spanner was thrown in the wheels, preventing her from coming but now she’s here, enabling me to concentrate on this project.
My divine Daddy’s timing is the best, of course it is, He’s the creator of Time before time.
On that note, time for me to get on with translating! 😆 #wisdombringssucces #AllanSealy #fightforyourfuture #timeforactionisnow


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