Talk Is Cheap!

As I am scrolling through my newsfeed, I see funny posts,  motivational posts, deep personal posts, Scripture quotes but the predominant posts are all about U.S police brutality against black men, women and children.
Video clips showing absolute barberic, disgusting, appalling behaviour by police .

What, however I find even more disturbing is when I read comments people post under these videos, such as:”Only in America” or “stop playing the race card”(fellow black brother) or “why was he there to start with”.

If you are under the erroneous assumption that this only happens in the U.S I recommend you to start researching, reading and engaging more with your community as you will soon discover that this is happening in other parts of the world too.

If you’re of the opinion this isn’t about race, sorry to say, you’re part of the problem.  Do your research, look at the statics, think about ratio black people to white people. Think about the prison population, what’s the ratio again with regards to race but also what’s the ratio with regards to the criminal offence committed, the reason for incarceration.

As to why someone was in a certain place at a certain time, is down to Freedom of movement, free will, choice.

Now, for me personally, it’s disturbing my mind and emotions, making me feel restless , I know a call to  action is banging ferociously at door of my mind but what IS the right action, what will bring about the positive change!

I believe a new movement : GBE is on the right track.
Be part of positive, progressive black movement. Invest your time, your talents and gifts in your community and be part of the solution. We can break the cycle of oppression and abuse. After all, the dwarf can not withstand the giant! Join GBE.  Click on the link

#GBELONDON #blackunity #positiveblacklegacy #nomoredepravation #blackandexcellence #raiseaspirations #blackenterprises #BlackOwned #wemoveasone
#timeforactionisnow #protectourrace #unitedwestand #blacklivesmatter


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