Know Your Worth

Having been very busy over the last few weeks, the household chorus have been suffering.
More,specifically, my bedroom.
I have been dropping hints around my kids that it would be a nice surprise if  I come home and my bedroom was all tidy.
It clearly has fallen on deaf ears.
So I decided a different approach. The  “bribe” 🙂

I asked who wanted to earn 5 pounds for tidying up my room.
My youngest one jumped to it.
The eldest one pretended he didn’t hear me and the one in the middle, told me calmly that she wants 10 pounds for that chore, trying to get me to negotiate with her.
Unfortunately for her,as I already stated, her sister already started therefore there was no need for the negotiation to take place.

What took place in my nucleus family is exactly what takes place in our wider society.
Unemployment is a big problem, not because there are no jobs but because the jobs available are not offering us the right value for money.
We consider that we are worth more than what is on offer.
Whether this self assessment is right is another story.
What those values are differs from one person to another.

Because this difference is in self valuation, you will get others who will accept the jobs that you consider not worthy enough of your time and skills.
Yes, it appears at the surface that those who came from a not Western community are willing to accept, meager paying jobs.
Think about it though, if 30 pounds feeds a family of 5 for a whole month, in their own country, earning 200 pounds a week, means they are way on top of the game.
All they have to do is invest their money in their homeland and if done in a smart way, soon,they will leave their meagre jobs, return home and live as king and queen.
It’s all about looking at the bigger picture and be open to non conventional ideas.
Explore your options outside the box.

Know your worth and your value, act accordingly.

With love,