Perspective Is A Wonderful Thing

Recently I attended a birthday party.
On my way to the party I noticed I was feeling apprehensive as I wasn’t sure who I was going to meet there.
To be more precise, I wondered if I was going to meet my two ex business partner, as that’s how I was introduced to the celebrant.
Fact, I wasn’t even sure what the celebrant himself actually thought of me and the main reason I decided to go was, my kids.
They love him so much and I didn’t want to deny them spending time with their favourite “uncle”.

As soon as I arrived, I knew I had nothing to worry about.
It was a great evening in it’s own right.
I mean, food,music, great people, the perfect combination 🙂

At one point during the evening, The birthday boy and I ended up alone in the kitchen and we started talking.
A lot was said but the most significant one was about perspective.

My friend told me when he first met me, he thought of me as just being a nice girl.(a dime a dozen,lol) but that he was wrong because I am in fact, awesome, that he actually “gets me”.
To which I responded with a very weak:”okay”.  Which clearly wasn’t an acceptable response for him.
He continued to say if I could only see what he sees,then I would know that I am awesome. He proceeded to tell me to do something very simple but very significant; He told me to cover one of my eyes and look at him,next, cover my other eye, look at him again.
Basically same person,different picture.

This is what life is all about: perspective.
Change your focus, you change your perspective, you can see solutions which were right in front you all this while but you couldn’t see before.

That same night I was granted the opportunity to show just how awesome I really am. More about that another time maybe.

The shift in me, my thinking is great, I applied for a job which I know I have the skills to do but don’t have the qualification and guess what…yep, this morning received a call from the company, the lady stated, you don’t have the right qualifications but your skills are clearly fitting to the role and having this conversation with you,  I want to invite you for an interview.

Boom! This is how we do it!

I ROCK and so do you my lovely reader, go and follow your dreams!


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