The Value Of Allowing Everyone To Be

Some time ago, my youngest daughter said to me: “Mum you’re always saying hello and have conversations with her(the mum of one of her friends), do you know she doesn’t like you?”
I looked at her, asked her how she knows this, to which she responded that her friend told her.

I observed two things about myself: 1.I smiled ,as I thought, bet you the mum didn’t intend for her daughter to relay that information to my daughter.
2. It didn’t bother me! Now this means a big shift has taken place within me ,as previously that would have driven me absolutely crazy and a compulsive obsession to find out why this person doesn’t like me would have been invoked,

I continued to greet and have conversations with the lady, asked her how she’s feeling, when she’s due to give birth etc.
Her daughter recently had a birthday slumber party to which my daughter was also invited so I told her that she’s brave having a bunch of pre-teens over whilst being heavily pregnant.
In short, at no point, I made her aware of the fact that I know her “secret” 🙂

Then, recently, when I was walking up to our local community centre to go and wait for my kids, I heard someone calling my name.
I turned to discover that it was the “mother”.
When I reached the car, she gave me a big smile and said:”look, I had the baby.”
I was happy to notice that I was genuinely happy for her and was overwhelmed with emotions looking at the precious miracle, sleeping in the baby seat. The fact that she called out to me came as a pleasant surprise ,as it connotates that she wanted to talk to me.
It goes even further,  as I offered to have her daughter for the weekend so she can have some rest and time just her and the baby, she accepted that wholeheartedly. Maybe she still doesn’t like me but she clearly trust me 🙂
The result: laying here on my bed, hearing the laughter of my daughter and her friend.

I smile, I get it wrong lots of times but this time is not one of them.


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