I’m a Man!

We have been talking about all sorts of domestic violence recently and after watching a video on Facebook of a woman proper beating up her boyfriend because she caught him cheating, I started to think about equality and what it means.
As women we are used to be shouting at top of our lungs about inequality in the workplace and other areas of life.
When it comes to the area of Domestic Violence it seems we conviently forget about equality.
It starts from childhood; we teach our children that boys don’t hit girls, very rarely I hear someone tell their daughters, girls don’t hit boys!

Coming back to the above mentioned video, the comments of approval, were plentiful. This really made me unsettled as statistics shows that 40 % of victims of domestic violence are MEN!
Further research shows that these men continue to suffer a more prolonged period as institutions, put in place to protect them are not taking complaints seriously. There are substantially less refugees home for men then for women.
Also the stigma which goes with men who suffer DV ,makes coming forward very difficult and their abuser often walk away free, ready to find their next victim.
All the ads with regards to DV, always depicts women.
Some men are suffering daily in silence after all they’re a man, how can a woman be abusing and controlling them!

Abuse is not right ,period, regardless of victim’s gender!
Together we can put an end to it, it’s our social responsibility to do so.

Let’s stop applauding those women who perpetrate this abuse and deal with them the same way as we would do with their male counterparts. 

All in favour of equality and justice, please stand up!