Fifty Shades Abuse Of Power(spoiler alert)

Over the last few days, friends have been asking me if I will be going to watch Fifty Shades.

Probably not! I read the books and throughout wondered if it was written by a 12 year old as it seems the authour has limited vocabulary, repeating the same sentences over and over.

As for the content, all I could think is that this is pure abuse of power!

The leading man, is messed up in his head because as a young teenage boy, he was used as a sex toy by an eldery woman, a woman who is exceedingly wealthy and a family friend. Subsequently, he becomes a financial tycoon and continues to perpetrate this type of abuse of power.

There are so many people out there for who this is the harsh reality, they’re stuck in an abusive relationship because they have become, financially and emotionally dependant of their abuser.

My other issue with “mr. Grey” is the ideology which is being presented that “Love Conquers All”.

I am a die hard romantic and I so wish that truly, if you love your abuser long and hard enough, change will take place, alas, the stats shows the opposite is true and many victims die at the hand of their abuser. Abusers very rarely change their ways.

Those of you, who have the pleasure of knowing me up close and personal :), know that I am all for sexual freedom, to do as we please in the bedroom or dungeon, if that tickels your fancy but I will not participate in gloryfying any form of abuse.

By all means, enjoy your movie but keep in mind that this is no reflection of reality, it’s fiction, that’s all 😉





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