Let’s Get It On!

Yesterday I wandered into Harmony Adult store and because I was just killing time, I had the chance to actually observe and absorb my surroundings.
The first thing I noticed was that my fellow shoppers were mainly females my age and two couples who were probably close to hitting their sixties.
The two couples were in the section where all the bondage accessories are and the others were in the what I like to call the D.I.Y section.
The second thing I observed was that in the bondage section it was also a gentleman of age behind the counter whilst in the other section were two younger women serving.
Thirdly, I observed myself getting seriously sexually aroused.
I started to have fantasies of how I would dress up and give my man a private striptease show.
This all made me to think about my own sex life and even though I have always been the proverbial naughty girl, it does seem that my sex drive has substantially increased over the years.
And wondering about other women my age.

After doing research I discovered that more and more us mature women seems to be handed an extra increase of sex drive and have more sex then those who are in their twenties, thanks to evolutionary development.
Also that we’re more open to explore and broaden our horizons in the sexual arena, resulting in us not having any issues with one night stands and extramarital affairs.
Now this is music to my ageing ears!

Let’s get it on baby!


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