Let’s talk about sex baby!

In the Holy Book of the Christians it states: ” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)  This verse is repeated a few times through the bible, fact the bible is full of sex stories!
The good, the bad and the ugly!

There are many interpretation and explanations for that verse and I will leave that to every individual to form their opinion about it.

What becomes clear is, that sex has, is and will remain the hottest topic within the human race.
What is sex, why are we so obsessed with it.

Have you ever noticed that couples who have been together for a long time , start resembling each other?  Not only in behaviour but in appearance too? Sex does that.
We are all energy, our bodies are just containers in which this energy is stored. Every interaction we have with each other, we exchange energies and the biggest exchange of energy takes place when we have sex.
This is why it is important to be mindful who you have sex with because if you have intercourse with a person whose energy is negative and unbalanced, he or she quite literally will suck the life out of you. If after you had sex, you feel drained,exhausted, my advice is put on your running shoes and run as fast and far as you can from that person!
A balanced person will have within themselves, a proper interaction of the male energy, which is also known as the physical energy, and the female energy, the emotional energy, therefore if two balanced people have sex, after they’re coming together they will feel physically and emotionally re energised. This is
when we state that the two people compliment each other, they are compatible. It simply means that they’re energies fit, merge well together. 
These are the couples who become Power Couples, because of the perfect energy balance, they become creative, innovative, physically strong !
Enjoy the sex, create something amazing!



Keep Calm and Enjoy Parenthood

At 20, I sat in the doctor’s office when the gynecologist broke the news that I would never be able to have children.
Looking at his facial expression, I knew he thought he was bringing me very bad news.
The truth is,  I could hear a symphony of trumpets in my head, after all I had no desire to become a mother at any point of my life.
All my thoughts were about having a high flying career, make lots of money and live the high life! A child was nowhere in my future plans anywhere.
11 years later, sitting again in a doctor’s office, the news was brought to me that I was pregnant. In my head the sound of shattered glass was overwhelming. I could see all my hopes and dreams squashed, vanished, replaced by endless days of baby cries,  nappy changing, staying home Saturday’s night instead of going out and getting my groove on. All I imagined was doom and gloom,
I resented my stupidity for not using any form of anti conception.
Then I made a decision that if I am going to be a mother ,I might aswell start educating myself to become the best mother I can ever be. This child deserved the best of me. Forget my big dreams of fame and fortune.
Today that baby is 12 and has 2 sisters, age 11 and 10.
As I sat in quiet contemplation in my beautiful new home, thinking about my life, my passion and last but not least my wonderful children,  I realised that I was so wrong about motherhood, what I thought it entailed.
Coming home from a long day at work, to find dinner ready because my 12 year old decided to cook is such a great moment, looking at the hair “artwork” my 11 year produced and my 10 year old, giving me hugs and telling me she loves me, those moments are worth more than any riches in the Universe.
The real mistake was that I erroneously thought I could not be who I desire to be,unable to follow my true passion because of being a mother.
That’s such a big lie being perpetrated on especially woman.
We actually can have it all! If anything, it’s motherhood which is one of my greatest drives , continuing to work towards firmly establishing my business. To keep fighting when things are tough. To remain focused.
The key to successfully enjoying motherhood, having your own business, enjoying an adult social life is to having a great team of family and friends around you.
This way you can delegate tasks.  Creating the time and space for you to enjoy all that life gives us to enjoy.
We absolutely can have it all, so all you parents out there: Keep Calm and Enjoy Parenthood!