Suicide..weakness or sytem failure

Standing on the train platform at 07:30 a.m, an announcement came through the loudspeakers :”The picadilly line is currently suspended due to a person jumping in front of the train.”

A wave of moans and cursing arises. Disgruntled passengers who are going to be late for work,school and meetings. My 11 year old daughter joins the sound of discontent.

I was about to start my own rant when a thought stopped me in my tracks:”Someone was so unhappy with life or had such a chaotic mind that morning, they decided that their only way out was to take this drastic step.” The questions unfolding in my own mind, were plentiful.

I wondered if the person had a mental health issue and if so, was it known to the family and professionals?

Was it a financial burden which became too much,was it a broken heart a guilty conscious ?

Where was their support system? Did anyone even noticed something was going pear shaped?

People who commit suicide are often branded as being selfish, cowards or weak.

But is that a fair statement to make?

Evaluating my own life, I know from experience that sometimes you can feel there is nowhere left to turn.

Governmental organisations put in place to assist you, fail one way another

Life is really tough sometimes

How blessed im I to be surrounded by a set of loving, supporting friends!

I am grateful!


3 thoughts on “Suicide..weakness or sytem failure

  1. It turns out that regardless of circumstances, when people get seriously suicidal, they’re not thinking as they usually would, The facts of their life, their possible future, their identity and value, are all typically srriously darkened. Severely so. It makes sense to kill yourself, far more sense than most credit, given the facts at hand that are very, very convincing and also quite innaccurate. Selfish, weak? Folks offering such pap need to try a few days living out the facts the suicidal deal with often for years, then decide.

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