“I have a dream” oh sorry I meant: WE have a VISION!

At the official opening of Oasis Academy West Silvertown, last Thursday, the founder of the Oasis academies, spoke about how he would like to have a face-to-face meeting with Martin Luther King and tell him that even though he believes Martin’s speech is the greatest speech of all times, he was wrong. That he should have said: “I have a VISION”, better yet: “WE have a VISION.”

As Steve continued to explain, I sat nodding my head and wanted to shout: AMEN!! 🙂 Because I understood what he meant. It’s true, dreaming, you do when you are asleep, you are inactive. Whilst he was talking, a scripture popped into my head:
“Your sons and daughters
will prophesy.
Your old men
will have dreams,
and your young men
will see visions.” Joel 2:28

Young people have visions, that’s why it’s imperative to create opportunities for our children to be able to pursue those visions and make them a reality, so when they get old, they can go to dreamland, knowing that they have inspired the next generation for them to fulfil their vision.

Vision is active, dreaming is passive.

One way to create those opportunities for our young ones, is through education.
I shared the vision that Steve, Dave and Linda- May had of having a secondary school where I know my kids will be encouraged to pursue their vision, a safe and nurturing environment.
A place where the teachers know each child by name, know their strengths and their challenges.
Because of this vision, myself and others who share this same vision, stood in all kind of weather to collect signatures, sacrificed time, to be on the phones, following up signatures.
It’s with my focus on this vision, I suffered the anger of my son, who was adamant he didn’t want to go to Oasis, and lo and behold, Thursday the 16th of October, we had the pleasure of being part of the official opening of Oasis Academy West Silvertown.
Looking at my son’s happy face and looking so smart, sitting there in his uniform, recalling the battles I had with him, to get to this point, I cannot lie, I was overwhelmed with emotions.
My son is thriving academically and socially, has completely emerged himself in student life, engaging with every aspect of the school and is loving it!
All the challenges, the tears, the pulling out of hair, the cold, the sacrifice of personal time. It was all worth it!

It’s all about VISION

I have a dream
I have a dream

The Hunter’s Responsibility

My cousin,  said just now that if a woman gets with a man who she pursued, she’s going to end up with a weak man. I looked at him sideways with my :” Are you for real?” Expression, because I felt that that remark was yet another one of his macho man remarks. However,  the more I thought about it, the more I tend to agree at this moment.
Think about, men are inate hunters and protectors. If the man isn’t pursuing it could be for a number of reasons but the most obvious one is that they aren’t interested, plain and simple! Therefore if you still end up with this man, one has a compelling argument in stating that the man is “weak”. At the very least he’s a confused man who doesn’t know his own mind.
If it’s shyness that’s holding him back, more likely than not he will be shy in other areas ,such as, sexually.
Maybe he lacks initiative, are you ready to continue to have to carry out the responsibilities of the Hunter?