World Changer, Nation Healer.

Scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed ,I am noticing more and more, video clips of black women fighting with each other or dressed in a manner which questions their morality and /or mental state.

Pictures of black women’s bottoms, exaggeratingly enlarged.

Black women making the most gut wrenching ignorant statements.

YouTube video’s of little black girls twerking and being applauded and encouraged by parents or other significant adults.

The black man equally being portrayed in all type of negative, stereotypical manners.


These videos, pictures and statements, evoke a range of emotions within me, from sadness to anger and back. None of the emotions are positive. For me, these clips, certainly don’t hold any entertainment value! What upset me most about all this ,is the fact that most of it, is being posted by our black brothers and sisters.


In the words of Marvin Gaye:”What’s going on?” Why does it appears that we are insisting in assisting to perpetuate the lies, the negative stereotyping?


Come on my brothers and sisters, let’s for the coming week make a conscious decisions to flood our Facebook pages and all other social media, with inspiring, encouraging, positive pictures and video clips and refuse to share negative pictures and clips, as a matter of fact, let’s en masse, delete anything which is not propelling us forward!


Let’s break the cycle and be part of the healing of our race!

Much love, from my  heart to yours xx


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