Home Is Where The Heart Is

Just browsing through my latest newsfeed update on Facebook. A status update of a uni friend popped up, stating he was moving back to Hong Kong for good end of this month. Even though I haven’t spoken to him for a good while, I had to push back a flow of tears. Wondering what exactly was making me feel so emotional, I realised it was because, I too, long to go home.. But hang on, where is home for me? Born in the Netherlands, moved to Bonaire age 11, moved back to the Netherlands, age 13, moved back to Bonaire age 14, move to the Netherlands age 18, moved to Curaçao age 20, moved to Netherlands age 25, move to The UK age 32….. Mother from Aruba but lives in Bonaire, father from St.Maarten, may his soul r.i.p.p.. If home is where the heart is, I have a big problem because my heart is in a thousand places, with a multitude of people ,I hold close to my heart.   I can’t wait for a genius to figure out how as humans we can fly and make the airplanes redundant. Then truly, the world will be my oyster. I can’t wait! *sigh” I wanna go hooooooooooomeee …….where ever that is…! curacao Striped Red, White, and Blue Tricolor Flag_Aruba bonaire stmaarten


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