One Step Away

Last night, a friend and I were talking about certain developments taking place in our community centre and the consequences.
Some people who have worked there for years, have been made redundant.
My friend made a remark, which got me thinking. She said:”We’re all 1 step away of whatever calamity or issues the other person is passing through, so no one should behave like they’re better than anyone else. ”
I agree and it reminded me of a Bible Scripture: 1Corinthians10:12:” If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.”(I don’t believe in a literal interpretation of the bible but I do believe there are life lessons written down for us.)

You see, our ancestors have the wisdom we need to live purposeful and harmonious lives.

Let’s take heed, letting go of pride and selfishness.
Much love from my heart to yours.


Carnival Time!!

Yes yes yes it’s London Notting Hill Carnival time. This year, we’re celebrating 50 years!

I look around me and I smile because this is the biggest annual event in Europe, organised by us : the Caribbean people! !!
It shows what can be achieved when we put our heads,hearts and money together! Also I saw people of strict religious background, walking along, enjoying the day.
Flags of different nations, waving along the enticing sound of soca!
Even my kids were completely pulled into the ambience, my son daring to boogie with his crazy

Flags of Aruba & Curaçao

mum, one daughter allowing the people of the mass band to drench her in paint and my youngest one,being interviewed by Notting Hill Carnival TV 🙂 Clip and pictures will follow,  I promise!








Blood Calls Out To Blood

My grandmother and elder aunties used to tell me of “horror” stories of boys & girls getting into romantic relationships, only to discover at some relative funeral, they’re siblings or otherwise related.
They taught me the saying that :”Blood calls out for blood”.
According to them, no matter where you are, eventually,siblings or close family, will encounter each other.

For me, this has become a reality.
Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting to know one of my cousins. He is born and raised here and we didn’t know of each other existence.
There seemed to be an instant connection and I can imagine,if we would have met in a club, we would have hit it of. 😉
However, the story doesn’t end there.
Excited ,I posted pictures of my cousin and myself on my Facebook.
Only to receive a phone call of one of my friends, asking me where do I know Aaron (my cousin) from?
Obviously ,I responded with much pleasure, that he’s my newly found cousin.
Then there was a moment of silence, followed by laughter.
Confused, I asked my friend what was so funny. Then he responded, Aaron is my cousin! After a very long chat, we discovered that my friend, who I only just know for about 3 or 4 months is also my cousin!
What a small, wonderful world!!
So happy, excited and grateful to know these two awesome guys are my family!


This is me with my friend&cousin :Singer: Orlando Ameen, the night we met for the first time, May 2014


This is me and my newly found cousin Aaron Richardson , 2 weeks ago.At Silk Bar, in Camden. Same place I met Orlando. Let it be clear it was Fidelio love at first sight. 🙂

So so happy! !!

Ps: A very special thank you to Mel from Silk Bar Camden for spoiling us when we had our micro family reunion. You made our evening extra special. Xxx

World Changer, Nation Healer.

Scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed ,I am noticing more and more, video clips of black women fighting with each other or dressed in a manner which questions their morality and /or mental state.

Pictures of black women’s bottoms, exaggeratingly enlarged.

Black women making the most gut wrenching ignorant statements.

YouTube video’s of little black girls twerking and being applauded and encouraged by parents or other significant adults.

The black man equally being portrayed in all type of negative, stereotypical manners.


These videos, pictures and statements, evoke a range of emotions within me, from sadness to anger and back. None of the emotions are positive. For me, these clips, certainly don’t hold any entertainment value! What upset me most about all this ,is the fact that most of it, is being posted by our black brothers and sisters.


In the words of Marvin Gaye:”What’s going on?” Why does it appears that we are insisting in assisting to perpetuate the lies, the negative stereotyping?


Come on my brothers and sisters, let’s for the coming week make a conscious decisions to flood our Facebook pages and all other social media, with inspiring, encouraging, positive pictures and video clips and refuse to share negative pictures and clips, as a matter of fact, let’s en masse, delete anything which is not propelling us forward!


Let’s break the cycle and be part of the healing of our race!

Much love, from my  heart to yours xx

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Just browsing through my latest newsfeed update on Facebook. A status update of a uni friend popped up, stating he was moving back to Hong Kong for good end of this month. Even though I haven’t spoken to him for a good while, I had to push back a flow of tears. Wondering what exactly was making me feel so emotional, I realised it was because, I too, long to go home.. But hang on, where is home for me? Born in the Netherlands, moved to Bonaire age 11, moved back to the Netherlands, age 13, moved back to Bonaire age 14, move to the Netherlands age 18, moved to Curaçao age 20, moved to Netherlands age 25, move to The UK age 32….. Mother from Aruba but lives in Bonaire, father from St.Maarten, may his soul r.i.p.p.. If home is where the heart is, I have a big problem because my heart is in a thousand places, with a multitude of people ,I hold close to my heart.   I can’t wait for a genius to figure out how as humans we can fly and make the airplanes redundant. Then truly, the world will be my oyster. I can’t wait! *sigh” I wanna go hooooooooooomeee …….where ever that is…! curacao Striped Red, White, and Blue Tricolor Flag_Aruba bonaire stmaarten