Do you know the truth….?

Recently, whilst watching CNN News, it struck me that there is a lot of stuff going on the one screen I was seeing.

There is the news reporter presenting the news, in the top left corner some messages is displayed, 

in the top right corner a message is displayed, then you have the static headline displayed at the bottom of the screen and rolling breaking news under the headline.

All the messages are different news items and differ from what the news reporter is at that point is speaking about.

I could not help to think that truly we are being distracted, preventing from understanding what is truly going on around us and with us as a people.

Thinking a bit more about it all, I started to think about all these big sports events we are lured to watch and spent money on: The Olympics, Para Olympics, World Cup, Common Wealth Games, etc etc. 

Even I do not like football, World Cup past, I found myself stuck to the TV, yelling and shouting at the screen, getting pissed off at the commentators who was clearly biased to the opposing team.

What was going on?! I realised what was going on, I was “hypnotised” and pulled into the mass distraction and deception, like another puppet on a string!!! How did I allow that to happen?!

I didn’t like my own answer: rather then dealing with the real issues at hand, which are so serious, complicated and emotionally draining, I choose to drown my sorrows , in the sea of mass hystery.

Then, this morning, I woke up and decided to catch up on a youtube channel I am subscribed to called :ThisIsTheoTv and listened to this tune :

and I smiled, this is how the universe works.

Time to refocus and re-energy myself, put my mind in the right gear and prepare for take off!


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