Who Shot Me!

There is gunpowder residue on my soul

Who pulled the trigger?

There is a million stabbing wound in my spirit

Who is the one who knifed me

My feelings are being ripped apart

Who is that set out  to devour me?

Havoc is being created within my mind

Who is this raptor , preying on my weakness

I fight, fight and fight

Tears streaming down from my eyes

I scream, scream, and scream

The sound is being drowned out by the noise of evil laughter

The pain afflicted by an enemy, pales into comparison

by the pain inflicted by a loved one

I am bleeding, bleeding, bleeding

There is not enough bandage in the world to cover this wound in my soul

There is gun powder residue on my soul

Because my loved one pulled the trigger and shot me !



What’s the plan

Hi all, this brilliant artist is looking for collaborators for an awesome upcoming project. Please listen to this clip to find out more and if you like what you’re hearing, please do get in contact with him. Cheers!

A New Day

Laying on my bed, hovering between one reality and another

The early morning sunrays are stroking my face

Planting warm gentle kisses on my cheeks

They whisper in my ear, promises of another loving day


A beautiful bird, sitting on the ledge of my window

is singing a love song, enticing me to get get up and dance to it’s tune

Chirp , chirp a cricket joins in the song, soon other creatures follow suit

I have no choice then to join in and sing my own heartfelt love song


A new day to uncover hidden treasures buried in our own souls

A new day to love, laugh, dance and learn

A new day to create wonderful memories

A new day to be ME


Laying on my bed, I open my eyes and welcome the new day with a smile.