Let me be ME!

Pressure, pressure from the left , pressure from the right

Pressure, pressure from top, pressure from the bottom

Pressure, pressure from inside, pressure from outside


Ouch my head, my head….

A million voices, fighting for their turn to be heard

Loud voices, quiet voices

Joyful voices, sad voice

voices which inspire, voices which dissuade

Go left, no go right

Stand up, no sit down

Do this, do that

Be this, be that


I wanna laugh, I wanna cry

I wanna live, I wanna die

I love you! no, wait I hate you

I am strong, no I am weak


Friends, enemies

Lovers, haters,

Parents, children

All wanna piece of me


Pressure, Pressure from every direction

Pressure, Pressure from every angle

Ouch my head, my head!!

Too many voices, fighting to be heard

Too loud!

Stop!!! Shut up! Be quiet!!

Enough of this noise!

Let me just be, let me be, just me!!!!!!


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