Serve god!???W

Serve god?!!


Why serve a god who creates the perfect reality for me to dwell in but within that plant a three designed for my destruction


Why serve a god who creates two brothers but favours one over the other and expect the unfavoured one to lie down and take it.


Why serve a god who has no qualms about committing mass murder by drowning all the people of the earth, just because the people don’t behave they way he wants them to.


Why serve a god who destroys cities with fire because the people living in it, people this god has created (so I have been told),choose to love their same gender.


Why serve a god, who give people laws, he already know they can’t fulfill and then threathens them with eternal suffering in continues fire.


Why serve a god who, send his so called beloved(?!) son to suffer a cruel death for other people who have not kept to his commandments which, he already knew we can not keep.


Why serve a god, who allows disgusting  man AND woman to live out their twisted, perverted fantasies on innocent children, creating chaos and madness in their brains,allowing them to live in a perpetual abyss.


Why serve a god, who is pro gender discrimination, allowing uneducated, agressive , uncompassionate man to stand on pulpits, claiming they are man of god, oppressing and deceiving, those who are internally destroyed because of life experiences, afflicted beyond measure at the hand of that very same god.


You can keep your cruel fantasy god, you’re mythical saviour, I rather read and believe a Christian Andersen fairytale book, a book filled with stories, where the villans get there due , a 1000 fold, then and there not, in about a million years.

Stories filled with knights and other hero’s, stories of bravery most of all stories all with happy endings, stories that give us, the abused, the assaulted, the broken hearted hope.



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