Let me be ME!

Pressure, pressure from the left , pressure from the right

Pressure, pressure from top, pressure from the bottom

Pressure, pressure from inside, pressure from outside


Ouch my head, my head….

A million voices, fighting for their turn to be heard

Loud voices, quiet voices

Joyful voices, sad voice

voices which inspire, voices which dissuade

Go left, no go right

Stand up, no sit down

Do this, do that

Be this, be that


I wanna laugh, I wanna cry

I wanna live, I wanna die

I love you! no, wait I hate you

I am strong, no I am weak


Friends, enemies

Lovers, haters,

Parents, children

All wanna piece of me


Pressure, Pressure from every direction

Pressure, Pressure from every angle

Ouch my head, my head!!

Too many voices, fighting to be heard

Too loud!

Stop!!! Shut up! Be quiet!!

Enough of this noise!

Let me just be, let me be, just me!!!!!!



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I am so excited that  I can’t sleep! All I think about is coming Friday the 2nd of May!!!

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The Mirror

The Mirror


I stand in front of the mirror.

A beautiful full length, framed in shiny gold and white shiny pearls.

The mirror is one of splendid grandeur.


I stand in front of the mirror

The original staring at her reflection

It’s gazing at her eyes, there is no shine

Her hair, oh her nappy hair…..

She’s sees the scar in her face

One end to the other, reminding her of her suffering

Her inner turmoil, her fights for survival, her fight for sanity

My original is utterly disgusted by her reflection

A fat blob, with saggy breast, which have long lost their glory

Her hips, she can’t find her hips, somehow it has all morphed into one

Those flabby thighs are a disgrace!

She wish her feet were big, so she could just run far away


I stand in front of the mirror

My reflection is intently staring at it’s original.

It’s gazing at her beautiful raven black, almond shaped eyes

Admiring the pearly white teeth

Which are often revealed in her cheeky smile.

She can see the vague dimple, her soft , shiny ebony skin

Her hair, oh yes, her hair, her crowning glory.

My reflection is utterly in love with her original

Her voluptuous figure, her well formed breast

Her sexy , swinging hips

Those thighs , those thick strong thighs …..

Eve her feet, her size 4 feet, so tiny, inviting a tickle


I stand in front of the mirror.

A beautiful full length, framed in shiny gold and white shiny pearls.

The mirror is one of splendid grandeur.


My reflection and original make an agreement

A serene pact.

My reflection will continue to love and admire it’s original

And my original will learn to accept and find strength, in her reflection

They smile at each other,

What a vision of beauty  and strength is revealed by their morphing into one


I stand in front of the mirror and smile


Serve god!???W

Serve god?!!


Why serve a god who creates the perfect reality for me to dwell in but within that plant a three designed for my destruction


Why serve a god who creates two brothers but favours one over the other and expect the unfavoured one to lie down and take it.


Why serve a god who has no qualms about committing mass murder by drowning all the people of the earth, just because the people don’t behave they way he wants them to.


Why serve a god who destroys cities with fire because the people living in it, people this god has created (so I have been told),choose to love their same gender.


Why serve a god, who give people laws, he already know they can’t fulfill and then threathens them with eternal suffering in continues fire.


Why serve a god who, send his so called beloved(?!) son to suffer a cruel death for other people who have not kept to his commandments which, he already knew we can not keep.


Why serve a god, who allows disgusting  man AND woman to live out their twisted, perverted fantasies on innocent children, creating chaos and madness in their brains,allowing them to live in a perpetual abyss.


Why serve a god, who is pro gender discrimination, allowing uneducated, agressive , uncompassionate man to stand on pulpits, claiming they are man of god, oppressing and deceiving, those who are internally destroyed because of life experiences, afflicted beyond measure at the hand of that very same god.


You can keep your cruel fantasy god, you’re mythical saviour, I rather read and believe a Christian Andersen fairytale book, a book filled with stories, where the villans get there due , a 1000 fold, then and there not, in about a million years.

Stories filled with knights and other hero’s, stories of bravery most of all stories all with happy endings, stories that give us, the abused, the assaulted, the broken hearted hope.


The Bible, Questioning Our Believe System (Part 2)

In Genesis 7, the story of the Ark of Noah is  being told.

Synopsis of the story: God considers that  the people populating the Earth have become too wicked and he(she? will discuss this subject of gender another time) regrets (?)creating them so he decides to drown them all but for a few who where considered good and all of the animals who were considered “clean” by god, 7 pairs and the unclean 2.

Issue number 1: According to the same Bible, god is Omniscient( All knowing) so he knew what would happen isn’t it? and if we consider his omniscient to be a fallacy, he could know that things will go from worse to worse as things were going pear shaped in Genesis already: Adam & Eve being disobedient, their offspring committed the first murder in a serious case of sibling  rivalry, instigated by…oh yeah GOD!!(Genesis 4). Even us as, mere mortals know that by looking at history we can predict the future, so surely a deity could do a 1000 times better.

Issue number 2: Supposedly, their was a representation of all the animals on the earth, on board of the Ark, so….predators were on board with their preys…….What’s that? God made them to be in harmony with each other you say? Okay, I will come back to you on that one, in the meantime, we know that all animals have their own particular  habitat, necessary for their survival…..Come again? Oh god made sure that the conditions on the Ark were suitable for all?? Okay, so you are referring to the fact that god have been giving the attribute of being omnipotent(all powerful) right? For argument seek lets say I agree with you…if god is so omnipotent why did he have to make a flood occur to get rid of the people? I mean come on, he could have just made them to disappear from the earth with a click of his finger, right?

That brings me to issue number 3: Why choose a flood as a means to wipe out an entire population?? That must be one of the most cruel ways for someone to die(i thought god was an all loving god???), secondly, can you imagine the stench of all those death bodies floating around?! Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Issue number 4 Where did all the water go after this all earth covering flood took place?? Yes we know that when it gets hot and water evaporates it forms clouds,subsequently , those clouds get saturated and what is the result…..oh yeah that’s right, RAIN! if I accept the story of the flood, it means that a 1000’s more earth covering floods must have occurred afterwards because the water has nowhere to go!

Issue number 5: After the flood, how did the world get re-populated? It was only Noah and his family who were left,remember?…we know that in-breed causes all type of issues: genetically and physically……..(not to talk less about that in the same bible, that god has put some serious stipulations of who we can and can not have sex with,this is for later discussion too 🙂  )

Issue number 5: Why bother saving the animals considered to be unclean?Why not wipe them out all together with their human counter parts? Why did this deity created unclean animals in the first place? At this point I am shaking my head in confusion.

Come on people, let’s use our brains!Image