I Am Not My Hair

Yes, I have done it, I have cut my hair!!

For a while I have been contemplating cutting of my hair and go natural, so last night I decided to be like Nike:”Just do it!”

Within the black community, there is currently an increase of the “natural hair “debate.

So many consider relaxing, wearing weave on/extensions etc as conforming to the Western World’s view of beauty, thereby denying their cultural heritage and beauty , propagating that White is beautiful and Black is ugly and /or inferior. Others are of the opinion that their hair style choice has nothing to do with their perception of Self and culture. Both parties have strong , compelling arguments.

For me personally it’s about choice, versatility. To quote the chorus of  an India Arie song:” I am not my hair.”

I am the sum total of so many different aspects of me, my hair is just a tiny part of that and even though I have cut my hair, I will still wear my wigs as that is a part of who I am too.

Now to figure out what colour I should colour my hair 🙂 Any suggestions? x xImageImageImageImageimage



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