Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!

It’s 05:45 a.m, I can hear my friend’s toddler running up and down, attempting to open the bedroom door.

He’s excited, life is a one big adventure for him,he’s eagerly waiting for his playmates, my kids and I ,to wake up. Even though he’s coughing  and has a running nose, things which will make us adults, moan, and whinge, he’s a two year old light bolt, packed with energy!

As soon as he hears movement downstairs, he runs down, calls out the names of my kids, jumping up and down ;it’s playtime! My suitcase becomes a treasure chest when opened and a trampoline when closed.

Whilst I was observing this burst of sunshine running about, the thought came to mind, that this is the way we should live our lives.

Waking up with excitement, ready to play with our business partners, colleagues, classmates.Challenges are treasure chest, full of value life treasures, once we have dealt with the challenge, the same challenge becomes our trampoline, allowing us to bounce to a new level.

I am ready, will I meet you in the playground?

Bounce, bounce, bounce!!


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