The Journey Continues

 We are very excited at Xparks Match as big things are happening! We have a new addition to our team, who already has made marvelous strides, pushing us on a personal level but also on a business level!

Today we had a meeting with our Web designers at HIBU . It was a great meeting, as even though they were there to sell us a product, we could see that they were also there to to give us some solid business advice ,saving us a fortune by preventing foolish mistakes with regards to our marketing and promotion budget. We are looking forward to creating a long lasting and solid business relationship with HIBU.Big thumbs up to Riyaad Soopan and Tony Schokman!!

After the meeting,  we went for our lunch break at The Pearson Room. We had a very lovely waiter and decided to be bold and ask him,if we could speak to the General Manager. This was met with a very positive response and we were able to sit down with Nicolas Mori to discuss a mutual beneficial partnership, we also met with the Event Coordinator, Hannah Richardson.  The result of the meeting is that we will be utilising The Pearson Room as one of our venues to host our Xparks Match events. Thank you Nicolas for the complimentary glass of bubbly, we drink to a fruitful partnership of Xparks Match and The Pearson Room!


Cheers to a fruitful partnership with The Pearson Room

pp4 PP3 PR2 PR


web2 web

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon seem inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve


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