The Journey Begins

Part of the mission of BMS is to inspire those around us to pursue their dreams and we want to lead by example.

In light of this we have embarked on a journey of starting our own business together.

On Monday, 27-01-2014 we had a tremendous meeting with regards to a beautiful office location, right in the heart of Canary Wharf, London. Pictures will soon follow 🙂  and Wednesday the 29th we received our email from Company House that we have become officially incorporated. Yeah Team BMS!

The BMS Team aims to be as transparent as possible whilst on this journey of transformation of mind,body and spirit and will blog about or High’s, our victories our progress but also when things don’t go as smooth as we expected, after all we are humans.

I would like to leave you with this for now:

Whatever dream you are pursuing, make sure it is YOURS and pursue it relentlessly, with all consuming passion!


The Fire We All Need

I happened to stumble upon this powerful video via Linkedin. The creator of the video “Incredible motivational video” merged two of my recent inspirational professional motivators, Les Brown and Eric Thomas. Both motivators have claimed a place in their own right. I call Eric Thomas the drill sergeant and Les Brown the authentic game changer.
Enjoy the video